The Problem with… : Part 1


“Assumption is the lowest form of communication.” My pastor says this all the time and it is so true! Assumptions are like unplugged phone lines – they breakdown communication. How often does something not happen or feelings get hurt because of an assumption made in error. I’m sure you can come up with some situations on your own where an assumption has played havoc with someone’s feeling.

One of the biggest assumptions we all make is assuming other people know what we know and think how we think. Without even meaning to – we assume everyone grew up in what we consider a normal situation. Without even meaning to – we assume others share the same beliefs as us. Without even meaning to – we assume. Why?  Because it’s the path of least resistance. It is so much easier to assume someone knows something than actually communicate. It is so much easier to assume someone is ok than check. It is so much easier to assume…I’ve been guilty of assuming – I’m sure we all have.

Here’s the problem when the leader assumes – usually they are wrong. So I wanted to clear up a couple of assumptions I’ve made.  I know I’ve communicated the vision for Bethel Kids, so consequently I assume everyone knows it – but I bet if I were to ask for the Reader’s Digest version most people couldn’t tell me it. So I’m going to work on communicating it better.  For clarity, the Reader’s Digest version of our vision is “Bethel Kids exists to serve parents and serve children.” There’s a longer version, but I’m happy if people can get the simple version in their head.

Another assumption I am going to correct is the assumption that the volunteers in my ministry know how awesome I think they are!  I tell other leaders, I write blogs, I brag about my volunteers all the time – but the assumption that everyone ‘gets’ it can kill the children’s ministry at Bethel. So let’s work at clearing this one up: To all the volunteers at Bethel I THINK YOU’RE AWESOME! Now to assume that covers it would be wrong – but we’re going to work on making sure everyone knows it.  We’re going to say it loud and often. I never look at a volunteer as just a warm body to fill a room – the volunteers in Children’s Ministry are the life blood of what we do and I see you are ministry partners! You are as important to the success of our ministry as Pastor Glenn – there are no unimportant parts to our ministry team. If you need a reminder – read last weeks blog. So to my AWESOME MINISTRY PARTNERS – keep up the great work. Together we can be the best at serving parents and serving children – thanks for all you do!


3 Responses to “The Problem with… : Part 1”

  1. I really liked this, personally I had a situation in my family where I had to back track and apologize for my assumptions, and I know that it is hard to fix a situation when incorrect assumptions are made, but God is our deliver and if we allow Him to work thru us He will correct the situation. Pastor Spencer we love you and I think you do a wonderful job letting people know how much you appreciate them. Keep up the awesome work and if you need help please let me know.

  2. We appreciate you too! You’re an awesome pastor! It also helps that you’re a “tech-head” because you understand Media’s technical needs and are helping us find ways to communicate the Word more efficiently.

  3. Thank you Pastor Spencer! Also, I want to personally thank all the other Volunteers – it’s a joy working together as we serve parents & the next generation!

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