I’m Giving Away 5 Copies of Kidmin Leadership!!

Have you ordered your copy yet of Jim Wideman’s KidMin Leadership?  If you haven’t, you should!  It was released last week and can be ordered here.  Keep reading to find out, too, how you can win a free copy.

Here are what some of my favorite kidmin people have to say about this book:

“Even beyond the words and messages in this book, the very idea behind this project is significantly pow erful. Jim Wideman’s books and talks have profoundly influenced kidmin. In these pages, you’ll read timeless principles he teaches that have been put into practice with much success. This book should give any kidmin leader great hope that if they put these things into practice, they’ll see success as well.”

–Kenny Conley Next Generation Pastor| Gateway Community Church| Austin, TX|www.childrensministryonline.com

“There are lots of leadership books out there, but when I come across one that is written by kids’ pastors for kids’ pastors, it gets my attention. I love the fact that this book is not full of theories; it is full of actual experience founded in biblical truth. Every chapter provides a different perspective that cumulates in one voice calling children’s pastors and church leaders alike to up their game and lead; because what we do is eternal, and the Gospel demands it.”

–Sam Luce Children’s Pastor| Redeemer Church| Utica, NY|www.samluce.com

“A book written for leaders by leaders, but not just any leaders—these are ones worth listening to. This is an incredible resource that will save young kidmin leaders like myself time, energy, and pain.”

–Dustin Nickerson Children’s Ministry Director| Mars Hill Church Bellevue| Bellevue, WA|www.dustinnickerson.com

So, want your own copy?  Leave a comment below with a short sentence sharing YOUR favorite kidmin leadership principle.  If you want a bonus entry, tweet the following: @spencerclick is giving away a free copy of #kidmin leadership at http://bit.ly/jCFxFo

Can’t wait to put this book in your hands!


6 Responses to “I’m Giving Away 5 Copies of Kidmin Leadership!!”

  1. Our favorite leadership rule – is always empower others – we are always training – people are capable and we need to let them serve!!

  2. Probably my favorite leadership principle: you don’t get what you expect, you get what you inspect.

  3. I can’t leave a favorite leadership principle, because I am not familiar with kidmin leadership, but would LOVE to learn more!

    Shari Ellingson

  4. If you don’t leave you can’t come back…

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